About Us

Meet the Team Behind Bitcoin Compass

Bitcoin Compass wasn’t developed overnight; this app involved several months of developing, testing, and updating to reach its current point. Back when we decided to create a trading app, we didn’t have the team we have now; we were just two passionate traders who enjoyed researching Bitcoin’s growth over the past years.

Cryptocurrencies started to appear in 2009 with Bitcoin, and it wasn’t until a few years later that they started gaining more popularity among the general public. Since it was something fairly different than traditional currencies, not many people trusted them. We were also a bit skeptical at first, but after reading as much as we could, we decided to take a leap of faith and test cryptocurrencies by ourselves.

We were amazed at all the possibilities we could achieve with Bitcoin: Secure international transactions, identity protection, anti-fraud measures, and much more. However, not everything was nice. Back then, there wasn’t much information about cryptocurrencies, which led to many fake information sources and scammers online who claimed to have a way to get more Bitcoins the easy way.

Thankfully, this wasn’t always the case, and we found several people and news sources that always offered reliable information about Bitcoin’s growth over the years. With so many technological advances, some developers started to create apps that could optimize the trading process. This was achieved by using algorithms that looked for specific trading criteria.

We believed that we could offer something more to these trading apps, so we started assembling a team of developers and traders to begin creating Bitcoin Compass. Our goal was to create an app that felt powerful but accessible to everyone, regardless of their skill level. It was certainly harder that way, but it was worth it.

Helping You to Learn Crypto Trading More Efficiently

Learning how to trade years ago wasn’t as complicated as it is now; the process was straightforward, and there wasn’t that much information to process. However, new cryptocurrencies and trading tendencies have recently taken over the news, making it harder to focus on a single piece of information.

Becoming a good trader requires patience and good research skills to master it. Even if you spend years learning about trading, there’s still new information coming in every single day, making it impossible to know absolutely everything.

While you can’t learn everything right away, you can start with the fundamentals and work your way up from there. Doing this the traditional way involves spending several hours looking at a computer screen waiting for more information to come. Most traders are used to this, but there are more effective ways to learn.

With Bitcoin Compass, you can learn the fundamentals of trading in a safer environment. The app doesn’t overload you with information, and it explains every step of the process thoroughly so that everyone can understand what they can do.

However, this app wasn’t just created for beginners. If you’re a professional trader, you can still use Bitcoin Compass to your advantage. The app’s automated trading process can help you save a significant amount of time on exhausting monitoring and market data research. If you ever feel like you need some free time from the computer, using this app can be a great choice to achieve that.

We Want You to Join Our Team

Bitcoin is growing in popularity as you read this; according to many financial experts, cryptocurrencies are expected to make their way into primary payment methods all over the world in the future. We believe that the best time to start investing in Bitcoin is now, and learning how to trade properly is the first step to do it.

We were also beginners once, and we’re glad we got all the help we did back then because if it weren’t for that, we wouldn’t be standing here right now. Our trading journey had its ups and downs, but we didn’t let that stop us from giving Bitcoin another chance. Bitcoin Compass is just the beginning, and we want you to join us on this journey.

Our trading community is still evolving to this day, and we’re happy that so many traders worldwide are trusting their time with our app. Time is one of the most valuable things we have in our lives, and as a team, we value your time as much as we value ours.

This journey isn’t easy by any means, but it’s certainly rewarding once you have gathered all the necessary knowledge to become a professional trader. If you ever need a helping hand in your trades, don’t hesitate and join our trading community!